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My 5-Step Process To Get Into Action On A Monday Morning…

Wow! Monday came around real quick again! 

I had a fabulous week and weekend with my family and as I begin my final week in Ireland before I head back ‘home’ to France, I found myself anxious and a bit overwhelmed with what’s to be done before we leave. 

I always hate saying goodbye to everyone and with aging parents, it is hard to go back not knowing if this will be the last time we’ll have such a great visit.

All these thoughts swirl around in my head as I start my day. 

It’s difficult to get into action when this low-level anxiety is playing away in the background.

Many of us are wired to start the day with a hum of anxious energy, regardless of external pressures. Our mind thinks it’s being really helpful by throwing all the things it thinks need to be solved at us first thing in the morning.

It is important to recognize our basic stress level and take action to lower it as this daily stress has a massive impact on health, day-to-day life, and our ability to be in focused action.

What most people don’t realize, is that being in any level of the stress response wastes huge amounts of time because we are missing out on our most brilliant creative capabilities and mental focus.

Instead, our energy is all over the place and we are scattered, we can’t focus on the one thing we need to get done and our thinking is myopic, rigid and fear based. At very high stress levels, it is as if we were trying to think clearly with a brain injury.

So what is the 5 step process I use to get out of this less than helpful anxiety spiral:

1. I become aware of and note what worrisome thoughts are running through my mind. I often journal to get clarity.

2. Once I identify what emotions and feelings are happening, I use EFT/tapping to feel into these.

3. This often brings up old stories and associated emotions that need to be cleared so I tap on these too.

4. Once I am feeling more present, I set my intention for the day.

5. I take out my floating to-do list, identify my non-negotiables and my priorities, I make a plan, and get into action.

Beyond this simple daily process, I do a deeper, more thorough process with clients who have more entrenched patterns of scattered thinking, procrastination, and paralyzing perfection.

I work with them in three distinct problem areas in chakra 1 (Root Chakra) so that they feel more safe and secure at a basic level.

This work is essential for anyone who feels like this:

  • I really donโ€™t trust people so I keep them at bay or stay invisible.
  • I never REALLY feel safe.
  • The thought of making a mistake or not being in control REALLY stresses me out, terrifies me.
  • No one around me has any idea how tightly I am controlling and managing everything.
  •  If I was forced to slow down, sit still, I think I would explode.

The life-changing benefits of doing this work include:

  • You’ll be more confident to show up as yourself and as the face of your business
  • You’ll feel more grounded, safe and secure in your body
  • You’ll get access to the answers that are already inside you
  • You’ll find your voice
  • You’ll be even more creative and be able to take action on that
  • You’ll feel less invisible and your natural charisma will shine through so that you are more magnetic
  • You’ll be more joyful and life will be more fun

This work has changed the quality of my life and I am seeing massive results with it too with the current batch of 6 Figure Stylists. 

It’s working from the root up and it is truly transformational in a short period of time in opening our eyes to our self-limiting beliefs and clearing them.

I am making this work available separately from my 6 Figure Stylist Program so that more people can benefit from it.

If you already have all the strategies but are struggling to take action or get traction on your offers, then this work will start to clear what’s stopping you from getting results ( Note that the strategies are usually not the problem!).

I am so excited to share this life-changing work. Pop me a message if you’d like to receive full details on my Chakra Empowerment 12-Week Program.

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