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What to do when all your fears and insecurities come out to play?

I’m back home now after a wonderful summer with my family in Ireland and my interview with Fox TV in Florida is looming.


I have put it out of my mind till now but now that it’s August I have to face it head-on.

The production sheet is due to be submitted by the end of August so there is no avoiding it now.

When we face a completely new experience like this, all our fears and insecurities come out to play.

I know mine have.

What should I wear?

What should I say?

What if I make a total tit of myself?

What will my aunties in America say??

So many fears and insecurities.

Luckily when something like this happens, I have some tools in my box to pull out.

1. I become aware of what my thoughts are.

2. I identify the emotions that go along with those thoughts.

3. I feel into those emotions and identify the origin stories that go along with them (things that have happened in my past that are feeding into and making these fears and doubts feel unmanageable).

4.  I identify which energy centre (chakra) in my body is stuck and then I do specific exercises to clear it.

5. Oftentimes I’ll repeat these exercises several times to feel more neutral about my doubts and fears and so I can enjoy the natural feelings of joy and delight that go along with being able to do something that I’ve wanted to do for years. 

The process I use is one of the exact processes I teach in my new Chakra Empowerment Program.

I’ll be focusing on having energy flowing freely in Chakra 2 or the Sacral Chakra.

The Sacral Chakra empowers us to act and speak with enthusiasm and present ourselves as valuable members of any tribe.

It encourages us to be visible and noticeable – to lead with authority and risk exposing our true selves even in the face of criticism.

You’re probably wondering at this point – But how does this relate to me?

If you struggle with confidence and assertiveness then this is work you need to do.

Freeing your 2nd Chakra will have you feeling a bigger charge of energy and action that is clear and focused on the most important things (even actions you have avoided for years).

Now you’re probably thinking, This is all a bit woo woo and not for me.

I challenge you on that.

Is what you’re doing working? 

Do you have all the strategies but you’re still not getting results?

Are you getting results but not the ones you want?

Do you feel like ‘there is something missing’ in your strategy?

Can I suggest that working on your energy which relates directly to your personal power is the thing you’re missing?

Email me at to find out more about my 12-week Chakra Empowerment Program.

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