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6 simple habits to introduce if you want 6-figure months in your styling business

Today, I’m sharing six habits for a six-figure income. They’re what I’ve used to build my own business to six-figure months. You’ll be amazed at how simple they are, and I hope they help you understand that there’s no magic formula or anything sleazy or tricky involved in achieving big earning months for yourself.

Let’s get into it!

1) Keep it simple

My motto for life! There are so many different ways to set up your business that’s it’s easy to make it way too complicated, using lots of super-sophisticated methods to get and retain new clients. I’ve found that simpler = better. You don’t need to complicate things to be successful in business. You just need the basic systems in place and to keep working them. I’m talking about a presence on at least two social media platforms, an emailing list, and a simple method for people to buy from you.

Keeping everything simple makes it easier to be consistent, which leads me nicely onto my second point…

2) Be consistent

Consistency is one of my greatest strengths and is central to my business being what it is today. I have robust basic systems in place and keep working them every day. I consistently turn up on social media, send out my email newsletters, and go live in my Facebook group. I also always share a consistent message.

I’ve seen many business owners show up for a couple of months when they’re launching something new, and then they disappear until they want to launch again. That’s all well and good, but if you’re after long-term prospects, people who will commit to working with you for a significant period, they need to see you showing up regularly as it indicates that you’re reliable and stable, not a flash in the pan. They want to know that you’ll be there for them if they invest in your support.

It’s therefore so important when setting up your systems – launching your emails, podcast, Facebook group, whatever you choose – that you only set them up if you can stick with them and show up consistently. You shouldn’t be starting anything you can only do for a few weeks and then give up.

Of course, we’ve all tried things that haven’t worked out, and that’s OK, but if you’re constantly jumping from one thing to the next, chasing every shiny new thing that comes along, it’s not going to get you the consistent income you crave. You’ll be spending all your time learning new things instead of letting your systems bed in for the chance to start working.

3) Work on your mindset daily

Often, if you’re struggling in your business, it’s not because of problems with your systems; it’s because of things you’re NOT doing. You could be holding back due to money mindset blocks or other issues affecting your confidence, which prevent you from taking action to grow your business further.

I journal, use tapping and affirmations every day to help me understand what’s going on in my mind and what’s stopping me from taking the next steps in my business. Often, I’ll wake up in the morning, and something will be niggling me, so sitting down with my journal and writing about it helps me work out what it is and how I can overcome it.

4) Surround yourself with others who have the same goal

If you want six-figure months, you should surround yourself with others working for the same or who have already reached that level in their business. These people are so inspirational, and you can learn so much from them and support each other as you strive for your goals together.

Being with others who want the same thing helps push you along and keep up the momentum. I joined memberships and masterminds where conversations about six-figure months were the norm. I was able to get help with improving my mindset and learn from people who’ve had the same struggles and come out of the other side. The support from others who’ve already done it is so powerful.

5) Building resilience

Taking care of your physical and mental health is crucial when you’re in business. Nothing will work if you burn yourself out. I work to build my resilience every single day. I go out walking with my dogs and to group exercise classes.

It’s all about finding something that suits your personal needs. Many people prefer solo activities like running or swimming, but I need group classes for the social aspect. I work from home all the time, so I need my classes to get out and see people other than my family! They also force me to take a break from my business, let my mind have a rest, and bring more enjoyment to my day.

6) Act as if you’ve already reached your goals

Don’t put your life on hold until you meet your financial goals! That’s a miserable way to live. Instead, think about what you’d be doing if you’d already reached your goals.

Would you be taking more time off work?

Would you be spending more time with your family?

Would you be more generous with yourself?

Before I ever made six figures in my business, I designed my life as though I already did. I set the number of hours I wanted to work each day and the number of days I wanted to work each week. I planned what activities I wanted to enjoy and the holidays I wanted to go on. While I couldn’t afford big luxuries back then, there were plenty of lovely things I could enjoy and live as if six-figure months were available to me.

There you have it. My six habits for six-figure success!

Which ones are you going to implement into your business today?

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