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4 ways personal stylists can make more money using Pantone’s fashion colour updates

The Pantone Colour Institute releases its fashion colour trend reports ahead of each new season. It releases one for New York and one for London, although many of the on-trend colours cross over. Each report forecasts the season’s top ten standout colours and details current takes on five core classics we can expect to see as fashion designers introduce their new collections. You can access the latest trend report for London Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2023/24 here.

And here are four ways you can use the Pantone colour reports to bring more money into your image and styling business:

1) In your marketing activity

The colour updates give so much inspiration for marketing content. You could create polls to find out which of the new colours are the favourites with your audience. You can use them to create quizzes to help people identify their best colours. People LOVE interactive content! 

You could create flat lays to show your audience how to use the new colours when building outfits and you could scout around the shops and show people where they can pick up pieces in their brand-new favourite colours.

2) As part of your colour consultations

I don’t often do colour consultations any more but I do occasionally do re-rates for loyal clients who first worked with me years ago. The final slide in my online colour consultation process features the current Pantone colours and I take my clients through one at a time and show the ones that do and don’t work for them. If there’s a particular colour they like that doesn’t suit them, I show them alternatives that are better suited to their natural colouring. It’s a great little add-on and another reason to charge a premium rate as you’re giving advice that’s right up to date!

3) Call back previous clients for an update

The release of new colours is the perfect opportunity for you to contact previous clients and offer them the chance for a colour refresh. It’s another good reason to get in touch with older clients whose best colours might have altered and would benefit from a colour re-rate. 

4) Create a workshop

You could use the new Pantone colours as material for a free workshop you do as part of your marketing activity in your Facebook group. Alternatively, you could make it a paid event delivered via a Zoom webinar which would give existing clients the opportunity for a refresh and potential clients more of an insight into the colour analysis process.

Don’t be shy! Let your creative juices flow. I’m sure you’ll come up with even more ideas. Use them all and you could quickly bring in some additional cash. 

Did you know I do regular Pantone Fashion Update training categorising the fashion colours into seasonal and tonal designations? You can check out my training in my Free Facebook Group Here.

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