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Packing For Ireland In July – Aileen’s Top Tips

Hey there, Aileen here! I’m excited to share my packing capsule for my upcoming trip to Ireland, where I’ll be celebrating my dad’s 88th birthday. As someone who loves organizing and planning, I often create these capsules before packing. Today, I want to explain why I chose these specific items and how this concept of a capsule can benefit your clients too. So, let’s dive into my Ireland packing capsule adventure!

Coming from a farming background, I’ll be staying with my mom and dad during my trip to Ireland. With beautiful countryside surroundings and ample opportunities for walks, my main focus will be on enjoying the rural treks and spending time with my family. While I may visit the city once during the week, most of my days will revolve around home, country walks, and visiting relatives.

Considering my activities and the weather in Ireland, I carefully curated a capsule wardrobe to fit within the 10 kg weight limit. The weather in Ireland tends to be colder (compared to the South Of France where I live), ranging from 13 to 20 degrees Celsius, with frequent rain showers. To address these factors, I opted for slightly heavier clothing items and included pieces that can be mixed and matched effortlessly.

Packing For A 7 Day Holiday In Ireland

Key Elements of the Capsule:

  1. Color Scheme: Since I am a cool summer, I selected a complementary color scheme with pastel cool tones. These colours make me look great, feel comfortable and confident in my outfits.
  2. Versatile Tops: I chose three t-shirts that can be paired with both pants I packed. These lightweight tops offer countless outfit combinations. Additionally, I included a white linen shirt and a denim shirt, which can be worn over the t-shirts with the bottoms for added variety.
  3. Fitted Dress: I packed a floral dress, which I plan to wear with sandals if the weather permits. However, considering Ireland’s variable climate, I might swap the sandals for cute runners closer to the time. The dress can also be layered with the linen or denim shirt for different looks.
  4. Lightweight Waterproof Windbreaker: A must-have in Ireland, I included a lightweight waterproof windbreaker. I’ll be keeping this easily accessible during travel, as Ireland often experiences rainy or blustery weather.

I find this capsule approach incredibly convenient, and I believe it could greatly benefit your clients as well. By offering a similar service, you can save them time and effort while providing personalized recommendations. Consider making the capsule board shoppable, allowing clients to conveniently purchase the items. My Elevate Your Styling Skills Workshop shows you how to create a shoppable board for your clients using free software and a few hacks. Depending on the time and effort involved, you can charge a fee for this service of at least 250 euros.

I hope you enjoyed learning about my Ireland packing capsule! It’s an efficient and fun way to prepare for a trip, ensuring you have suitable outfits for different activities and weather conditions. Don’t hesitate to provide this service for your clients; they’ll love the convenience and personalized touch. Feel free to leave your feedback on my capsule, and if you’re interested in creating shoppable boards, check out the program link below. Thank you for reading, and I wish you happy travels and successful client experiences!

Learn how to create shoppable look boards for your clients here: Elevate Your Styling Skills Workshop

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