5 Weeks To Online Colour Expert

(Virtual Colour Analysis Training- Approved for 3.0 AICI CEU’s)

How you can take your business online within the next five weeks and conduct online colour analysis with confidence, ease and grace.

Discover a simple process to do online colour analysis, book in your dream clients and get paid without having to turn yourself inside out and upside down and stand on you head to get more paying clients.

[*] Would you like to spend more time doing colour analysis so that you can transform and bring joy to your clients?

[*] Do you want to get more clients, so you don’t have to quit your business and go back to work?

[*] How would you like to learn a simple and straight forward method of online colour analysis so that your clients will go away happy and recommend you to every person they meet?

[*] Would you like to know how to market yourself, book clients in and get paid for online colour analysis without having to be at home or at the office?

You’ve tried every trick in the book to get more paying clients, you’ve put yourself out there, followed up, done everything you’ve been told but it’s of no use……… everything you try fails to get you a consistent flow of paying clients.

You’ve pretty much lost hope at this stage and you’re starting to wonder if you should just give up and go back to work. Surely its easier than this constant striving and getting nothing in return. One day you are thrilled when you get a client and then you don’t get another one for a month.

You love doing colour analysis but trying to get clients is wearing you down and you’re not sure if you can make any money as an image consultant.

Maybe you have attended every local meetup there is, the participants all want the colour information you provide for free, but you are still not getting bookings.

Perhaps you’ve lowered the price, you’ve given the service away for free, you have practically begged for someone to do their colours but still you sit at home in front of your laptop writing another post in the hope that this will be the one that will get you a new client.

Maybe you would love to add online colour analysis to your services to have a larger client base but you’re just about able to do colour analysis and you are afraid you will disappoint your client if you give them the wrong colours because you colour training did not include this training.

Imagine if you could conduct online colour analysis and the whole world was your client base and you are booking in and coding clients around the clock from the comfort of wherever you are in the world.

You need no longer rely on the local market to find clients. There are millions of people out there that are now potentials and the beauty is they are all online and you can chat to them directly and show them how colour can transform their lives. You can colour code your dream clients from wherever you are and all you need is an internet connection and a laptop.

Just think if you had a precise, consistent and simple system to analyse colours online and knew with certainty that you were sending away happy clients who are recommending you right, left and centre.

You will be one of the handful of consultants universally who is trained in online colour analysis and have certification which will give up an edge over your competition. Think of the confidence this will give you.

Your business is soaring, opportunities are beckoning, and you are delighted with yourself for having persevered and stayed the course. It feels so good to have made a real go of your image business and you feel very proud of yourself indeed.

It’s time to stop faffing around and feeling hopeless.

It’s time to grab the bull by the horns and make your business work for you.

Everyone else is getting ahead and making the changes required to bring their business into 2020.

The days of demonstrating colours in front of a group of people and getting 1 client or no booking at all are over. Image consultants are going online and the world is there oyster.

You might think that if you keep plodding away that you will eventually make a go of it but how long are you willing to do this. If you continue like this you will run yourself and your business into the ground and end up back at your old hated work before you know it.

Do you really want to go back to 9 to 5?

Do you really want to go back to the daily commute?

Do you want to have to tell everyone that your business failed after all the work and effort you have put in?

Why would you choose this route when there is an alternative?

About Me

My name is Aileen Lane (AICI CIP) and I help image consultants just like you take their colour business online.

For many years, I did exactly what you are doing now, and it took so much time and energy to build a client base that I almost gave up several times. Barely scraping by on the number of clients I was getting yet spending days, weeks and years marketing myself and my business. Eventually I did take a break from my business and when I restarted, I decided I was going to do it differently this time around – No more hanging back and doing it the old way; that’s when I choose to go online and I quickly discovered that there is a huge untapped market for colour analysis online.

I have conducted one on one colour and style consultations with clients for many years and have also trained image consultants. I have many years of accumulated knowledge to help you get your colour and image business online. I now have a successful online colour analysis program and I can show you how to have the same.

I am a mother of two boys, and I have been where you are now. I have changed careers, changed countries and completely lost my way in my image business in the past. There is no reason to stay stuck though and I can show you how to find your way again and get clients queueing up to see you.

There are plenty of computerized programs available but none of them can replace a qualified colour consultant. Online Colour Analysis is a new frontier and if you are serious about your business, you need to jump on the band wagon and establish yourself online.

Introducing My 5 Weeks To Online Colour Expert Program…

5 Module Live Online Mentoring Program

[1] Learn the fundamentals of conducting colour analysis visually and verbally without the need for props or drapes.

[2] Participate in practical online colour analysis case studies with live real people so that you get practice at using a simple process to determine colours in your head.

[3] Discover how to work with your clients to get the information you need so that you can colour code them without the need to see them in person.

[4] Define your ideal client so that your message and marketing speak to them and they buy from you.

[5] Designing your online colour analysis course with your ideal client in mind so that you attract them to come and work with you specifically.

[6] Learn how to market and sell your online program to get more clients.

[7] Discover how to price, book and get payment for your online colour program so you don’t have to spend hours on administration.

[8] Establish the daily activities required to energise your online presence to gather your tribe and build quality relationships with influencers, your peers and your dream clients.

[9] Learn how to track enquiries, keep in contact, and follow up so you get repeat clients for life .

[10] Discover how to upsell your online colour analysis service to ensure you get repeat clients for life.


Work with me over 5 webinar sessions so you establish your colour business online and start bringing in more clients immediately.

Module 1

The process of detective work required to colour code a person from a good quality picture and questionnaire so that you have already many clues to the clients colours before you ever meet them online.

Module 2

We will work together to define your ideal client and design your online colour program around the needs of that ideal client so that they see your offering and immediately want it.

Module 3

We will work together to conduct several practical online colour analysis case studies so you get an opportunity to ask all your questions and learn how to send you client away delighted with their colours.

Module 4

I work with you on pricing your program, how to market your program, how to sell it and how to upsell so that you get repeat clients for life.

Module 5

We will talk about putting it all together so that you have a seamless online colour program that runs with ease and grace and so that you spend minimum time on administration.

Plus 8 Fabulous Bonuses…

[1] Receive a full set of Digital Palettes that you can send to your client so that they can open on their phone when they go shopping, use on your marketing materials and use in your training materials. 4 Seasonal & 6 Tonal (Value €550)

[2] Receive my personal online colour analysis questionnaire that I send out to each client before I meet them on line; you can personalise this with your company details and send out to your clients as part of your booking system. (Value €150)

[3] Have your personal seasonal and tonal designation confirmed. (Value €250)

[4] Receive a full set of Client Report Templates for seasonal and tonal system that you can personalise with your details and send directly to the client after your online colour analysis consultation with them. (Value £250)

[5] Receive the actual presentation I use to deliver my online colour analysis consultation. You can use this as it is or customise this for your client. (Value €250)

[6] Receive 52 Digital Colour Analysis Drapes (Seasonal & Tonal) to enable you to conduct online colour analysis and to use with your clients. These drapes can be customised with your company logo and can be used in your marketing. (Value €100)

[7] Watch 7 fully recorded real life online colour consultations with Aileen and her clients so you can see how easy and how doable online colour analysis is. (Value Priceless!)

[8] Get exclusive access to my Colour Analysis Made Simple Program so you can learn both seasonal and tonal colour analysis and so that you are never confused about colour analysis again. (Value €347)

You will be invited to join the Facebook 5 Weeks to Online Colour Expert support group where I will answer all your questions and support you in your journey in becoming an Online Colour Expert.

Are You Ready?

To take your colour business online and start booking in clients from wherever you happen to be in the world.

Isn’t it logical to go online and start making money (This course will pay for itself in just 4-5 clients).

Are you ready to have the successful image business you always wanted so you help people look and feel their best?

Now is you time. Enough of the striving and more of the doing colours and bringing the clients in.

What participants are saying...

Samantha Sim

Image Consultant Singapore

This course is one of the best investments I made! Aileen Lane, my instructor is a true professional dedicated to help others succeed. Her classes are small and are filled with many practical sessions, making the training fun and easy to absorb. She is also patient and very encouraging. Throughout the interactions with her, I find her to be a warm and sincere person, always sharing her expertise with her students. I am very thankful to have her as`my mentor. Thank you Aileen for your great guidance.

Diane James

Personal Stylist & Participant of 5 Weeks To Online Colour Expert Program

Aileen Lane when I started with colour 6 years ago, I believed that colours didn’t change. I learnt that indeed they do, but was often limited within the 4 seasons to accommodate those changes. I’m so happy learning more about the tonal system. It gives so many more options and accuracy when coding someone and happier clients.

Beccky Marlow

Image Consultant, Spain

Just to say what a fabulous course the 5 week to Online Colour Analysis Expert was and what a brilliant group of inspirational women, all with different goals and skills to bring to the table. I know we will continue to help and support each other in our businesses. I am niching my business to include online colour analysis so I have a lot of work to get done and implement from what I have learnt so far. I’m working on it now and will start implementing. You have a fabulous way of teaching, really hands on even though it’s online and I have learnt far more from this course than previous ones.

Julie Daniel

The Chic Stylist, UK

I came across Aileen’s online colour course when I made a decision to review and change my Style Coaching packages and offerings. My mission is to transform lives by empowering women who want more confidence and success by elevating their image, impact and presence through their appearance and a healthy and positive mindset. I trained in colour analysis years ago, but Aileen’s online colour course was a fantastic refresher, giving me new tools and techniques to take my colourconsultations online and therefore have a global reach. Aileen’s approach is so engaging, motivating and most professional. She’s a very competent colour consultant, no question or problem is too big or too small for her when it comes to colour and the Image Consultancy business on the whole. She designed practical and fun exercises to work on which helped me approach my colour service differently, but also provided invaluable ongoing support to personally help me refocus and refine my specific market. I’ve had lots of interest in my new online colour consultations with new bookings coming through! I really valued working with Aileen as her experience, expertise and knowledge in the industry is second to none! If you want to take your image business to the next level as I have done, I recommend you don’t delay and sign up with Aileen today!

Kimberly Bux

Colour Consultant, Singapore

Aileen’s style of teaching is easy to follow and she delivers the information with enthusiasm.

Amanda Edwards

Business Owner, Tidy My Money, Singapore

It has always been wonderful to work and interact with Aileen. She is kind, honest and direct and this allows for clear, open communication. She is always looking for the the win, win for everyone, in every scenario – which leads to everyone (be that colleague or client) feeling valued. Always professional, positive and friendly – she is huge asset to any business.

Li Kin Pang

Founder/Chair of Image Mission Ltd and Dress for Success Singapore, Founding Director of Potenxia Unlimited

I would highly recommend Aileen as a colour and style consultant. She has an exceptionally good eye and talent in colour analysis – something you can’t easily learn from books. Aileen is authentic and cares for every client to bring out their best.

Valerie Begley

PHD, Senior Gender Policy Advisor

I was Aileen’s client years ago, and as I began a career change, I contacted her again for a “re-boot.” It is important to me to avoid looking “stuck in the past.” Aileen’s positive attitude and practical ideas for polishing and updating my professional image have already been beneficial, helping me focus, save money, and create a working wardrobe I actually want to wear. Her terrific sense of style and ability to relate to real people (with real bodies) is enormously valuable. I highly recommend Aileen!

Antonia Beauvoisin-Brown

Directeur KidooLand “La petite école anglaise” & Riviera Firefly Podcast

As a busy mum and business owner, time for myself was very squeezed. I was getting into a habit of wearing the same safe items and losing my way and my style along the way. The session with Aileen was the perfect opportunity to clear out my wardrobe, figure out my style, identify the right colour tones for my coloring and personality. I’m not the same person I was 20 years ago and I wanted to update everything. It was a fun, interactive and proactive session and I left feeling I had more clarity on how I wanted to dress and what to look out for. Thanks Aileen 😉

Alanah Light

Social media Manager, Mum, Social Media Guru

Aileen provides a fantastic personalised service. The consult I had was literally life changing as I had no idea just how much the colours you choose to wear can change your overall appearance I highly recommend an appointment with Aileen.