5 Weeks To Online Colour Analysis Expert

(Online Colour Analysis Training- Approved for 3.0 CEU’s)

Become an online colour analysis expert so that you can take your services online, get more clients and enjoy doing colour analysis while enrolling your dream clients from anywhere in the world.

  1. Fundamentals of conducting colour analysis visually and verbally without the need for props or drapes.
  2. Practical online colour analysis with live examples.
  3. Working with clients to get the information you need so that you can colour code them without the need to see them in person.
  4. Defining your ideal client.
  5. Designing your online colour analysis course with your ideal client in mind.
  6. Marketing and selling your online program to get more clients.
  7. Pricing, online booking and payment for your online colour program.
  8. The daily activities required to energise your online presence to gather your tribe and build quality relationships with influencers, your peers and your dream clients.
  9. Tracking enquiries, keeping in contact, and following up.
  10. Upselling your online colour analysis service to ensure you get repeat clients for life.

Scheduled live webinars (Recorded/ Lifetime Access), online support group, assignments and worksheets.

€1099 (Installment Plan available)

Unlimited access to all live content – revisit the process in the future.

Live sessions are recorded so you can watch later if you miss a call.

What Karen has to say about the program.

“ It has been a great pleasure working with Aileen for the past 5 weeks. I was really giving up on the idea of doing what I love due to my location. I know it’s no excuse but sometimes it’s just a hard fact.

Another big turnaround for me was realising how much easier it is to do Colour Analysis Online and how much more enjoyable it is. I always struggled a little with all the draping process that’s required working one to one. I just couldn’t see what I was supposed to see. Now I am confident to use other techniques that work for me and helps in coding clients colouring.

I would really recommend 5 Weeks to Colour Analysis Expert to everyone who is in a similar position to me or who would simply love to discover new ways of doing Colour Analysis.

Aileen’s support during the course was persistent and I really felt it was important for her to see everyone succeed.

I enjoyed our live sessions every week and being able to exchange ideas with other inspiring consultants. We were all completely different personalities and Aileen always had the right approach in helping every one of us.

I feel I am finally on the right path and it is also comforting to know that there is always going to be continuous support from Aileen and all the fabulous Image Consultants in the group. I want to say a huge thank you to her for creating this wonderful course and for being a great mentor.

Gita Liepa, Image Consultant.

I attended Aileen’s “Online colour expert” course, and I loved that all the units were clear and simple, and she put big effort into the details. Aileen was very helpful, if I asked anything, she answered it within almost a minute. She is a very good and experienced teacher and the online course was very useful, it helped me to start doing online the colour analysis.”

Kata Földi-Szilvási , Image Consultant

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