About Me


My name is Aileen and I am the founder of Lane Image Consulting.

My mission is to help you avoid all the mistakes I made early in my business.

I can help you short cut the time to be a profitable and prosperous image business.

Need help with strategy, identifying your ideal client or scaling up your image business – I am the person to help you with this.

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I want to tell you a story about how I came to help image consultants like you. I wasn’t always an image consultant you see. Prior to becoming an image guru, I worked in the food industry for many years and not in a glamorous part like sales or something but down on the production floor. I wore a white uniform, a blue net cap and safety shoes everyday and I can tell you none of those colours worked for me! One day, the infant formula company I worked for brought in an image consultant to talk about the difference colour made to our appearance. The image consultant lady brought a few volunteers up to the top of the room and demonstrated the difference wearing the right colours made to how attractive and healthy you look. I was very, very taken with the idea and decided to change my career there and then. Now if you know me, this was rather a big jump to take as I had a very solid career and had been progressing nicely up the corporate ladder. However, I was bored to death and felt I was missing out on the fun things in life. 

In March 2006, I opened the doors to my image consulting business in Singapore, and I have seen first hand how colour and style transforms the lives of women over the years.

I started out as a colour and image consultant and helped clients look fantastic for many years. My true love is colour though and around 2010, after a few requests, I began to train image consultants in colour analysis.

I absolutely love training and teaching other consultants to be successful. My mission is to help image consultants turn a handsome profit working with clients they love in an area that best suits their strengths and skills.

To work with me, email me at aileen@laneimageconsulting.com

More about Aileen

Aileen is originally from Ireland and lived in Singapore for 18 years prior to moving to her current location in the South of France in December 2017.

A certified image and colour consultant with CMAS in the USA, Aileen set up her image business in Singapore in 2006. She helped clients look fabulous through colour and style services for several years before setting up an image school in 2010 and trained image consultants in colour analysis.

Aileen obtained the sought after CIP ( Certified Image Professional) status with The Association of Image Consultants International in 2012.

Prior to becoming an image consultant, Aileen worked in the food industry for several years and still has a great interest in all things healthy and good for the body.

What others have to say:

‘This course is one of the best investments I made! Aileen Lane, my instructor is a true professional dedicated to help others succeed. Her classes are small and are filled with many practical sessions, making the training fun and easy to absorb. She is patient and very encouraging. Throughout the interactions with her, I find her to be a warm and sincere person, always sharing her expertise with her students.’

Samantha Sim, Image Consultant, Singapore (Colour Analysis Training Course)

‘I feel I am thriving here. I just love doing this and being part of this amazing support group. Thank you for this opportunity Aileen. It came exactly at the right time. What a fabulous course and amazing mentor! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!’

Gita Liepa, Image Consultant, Ireland (5 Weeks to Online Colour Expert Course)

‘Aileen and I had a professional relationship since 2007 when we were serving on the board for the Association of Image Consultants International Singapore. Since then, we have been clients to each other, developing mutual trust and respect as friends, and always learning professionally as colleagues in the same industry. I would highly recommend Aileen as a colour and style consultant who has an exceptionally good eye and talent in colour analysis – something you can’t easily learn from books. Aileen is authentic and cares for every client to bring out their best.’

Li Kin Pang, Image Consultant, Singapore (Colour Analysis Training Course)

“ Aileen’s style of teaching is easy to follow and she delivers the information with enthusiasm”

Kimberly Bux, Colour Consultant, Singapore (Colour Analysis Training Course)

” Aileen provides a fantastic, personalised service. The consult I had was literally life changing as I had no idea just how much the colours you chose to wear can change your overall appearance.    I highly recommend an appointment with Aileen.”

Alannah Crossen – Digital Entrepreneur and eco slayer.

” I learnt so much from Aileen, when I consulted her for a colour and style makeover. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience, shares lots of practical tips, is efficient and effective in her consulting. She also provided useful tools and reference materials for me to use after the consultation sessions.”

Maria Amerstorfer – Coach in emotional intelligence and leadership

“I had a session with Aileen who told me the best styles and colours for my shape and colouring….it has really paid off. I can’t tell you how much I have saved in random purchases that would have sat in my closet and never worn.”

Holleigh Mason, Social Media Guru, Entrepreneur and Mum.

“Learning my colours has allowed me to invest in items that suit me. [Aileen] has a wonderful way about her“

Teresa Ahearne, Career Woman and Crafter