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I work with personal stylists who want to have consistent 10k+ months, but have no idea how to do this. They are sick to the back teeth of showing up every day and doing everything the latest challenge, free group and marketing guru is telling them. They're tired of having to justify why they persist with their business to their family and friends despite the fact that it barely brings in pocket money! If this sounds like you, and you’re now ready to invest in learning the skills required and take the action needed to have consistent 10K months, I can help.

My Story

I want to tell you a story about how I came to help Personal Stylists like you.

I wasn’t always an image consultant you see. Prior to becoming an image guru, I worked in the food industry down on the production floor (not very glamorous). I wore a white uniform, a blue net cap and safety shoes everyday and I can tell you none of those colours worked for me!

One day, the infant formula company I worked for brought in an image consultant to talk about the difference colour made to our appearance. The image consultant lady brought a few volunteers up to the top of the room and demonstrated the difference wearing the right colours made to how attractive and healthy you look. I was very, very taken with the idea and decided to change my career there and then. Now if you know me, this was rather a big jump to take as I had a very solid career and had been progressing nicely up the corporate ladder. However, I was bored to death and felt I was missing out on the fun things in life.

Aileen Lane
Here I am at my new business launch party back in 2006.🥂💥🥂💥

I opened the door to my image business in March 2006.

My friends helped me paint the walls of my newly rented office on Orchard Road and helped me locate furniture to kit it out.

I had left my high paying corporate job the month before without a backward glance.

I was so excited and filled with passion to help people look and feel great.

Enter reality!!

I sat there in that big expensive office for almost a year until funds ran out.

You see, like a lot of image consultants, I hadn’t a clue how to run a business or what it took to have a steady flow of clients.

There were lots of image trainers teaching technical skills but few teaching consultants how to actually get clients.

I learned slowly and painfully what it took to get more clients.

I took a break from my business for a few years when the children were small and when I restarted my business, I decided to do it differently this time around.

I learned everything I could about running a profitable business and how I could grow my business quickly. Obviously knowing what didn’t work through experience saved me a lot of time and effort.

Now, I have a business I am very proud of and can run from anywhere in the world teaching other consultants how to be financially independent.

Maybe I had to experience the challenging path to get to where I am now, but if you are an image consultant today, you don’t need to go it alone.

There is so much help out there.



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Fun Fact About Me

I am originally from Ireland and lived in Singapore for 18 years prior to moving to my current location in the South of France in December 2017.

Qualifications/ Achievements:

  • Certified Colour Consultant with Color Me A Season 2005 (USA)
  • Certified Image Consultant with The Image Maker 2005 (USA)
  • Obtained CIP ( Certified Image Professional) status with The Association of Image Consultants International in 2012
  • Certified CEU Provider with AICI – 5 Weeks To Online Colour Expert Program
  • Contributor to Amazon best selling Book “Dreamers and Change Makers – 23 Inspirational Stories from Women With A Vision For How We Can Change The World.
  • Certified Sacred Money Archetype Coach
  • Chakra Empowerment Intuitive Coach
  • Featured on Fox TX ‘Women Of Influence’ 2022

What participants are saying...

Samantha Sim

Image Consultant Singapore

This course is one of the best investments I made! Aileen Lane, my instructor is a true professional dedicated to help others succeed. Her classes are small and are filled with many practical sessions, making the training fun and easy to absorb. She is also patient and very encouraging. Throughout the interactions with her, I find her to be a warm and sincere person, always sharing her expertise with her students. I am very thankful to have her as`my mentor. Thank you Aileen for your great guidance.

Gita Liepa

Image Consultant, Ireland (5 Weeks to Online Colour Expert Course)

I feel I am thriving here. I just love doing this and being part of this amazing support group. Thank you for this opportunity Aileen. It came exactly at the right time. What a fabulous course and amazing mentor! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Li Kin Pang

Image Consultant, Singapore (Colour Analysis Training Course)

Aileen Lane and I had a professional relationship since 2007 when we were serving on the board for the Association of Image Consultants International Singapore. Since then, we have been clients to each other, developing mutual trust and respect as friends, and always learning professionally as colleagues in the same industry. I would highly recommend Aileen as a colour and style consultant who has an exceptionally good eye and talent in colour analysis – something you can’t easily learn from books. Aileen is authentic and cares for every client to bring out their best.’

Kimberly Bux

Colour Consultant, Singapore

Aileen’s style of teaching is easy to follow and she delivers the information with enthusiasm.

Adele Mitchell

Image Consultant

Hi Aileen, I’m doing a LinkedIn challenge and need to recommend 5 people today. You are an obvious choice as your help and support has given me the confidence to pick up my online colour consultation and make it real! I’m still learning from you every day and have a long way to go, but i would highly recommend any image consultant wanting to believe in her business to do a course with you x

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