How to use colour to express your personality

I adore colour. Always have and probably always will. I go around figuring out people’s colours in my head. I especially love when someone doesn’t fall exactly into a colour category and I have to come up with a unique solution. I can happily ponder their ‘colour conundrum* for hours.

You see to me,

A successful colour analysis cannot just consider the characteristics of the skin, hair and eyes; it also has to address a person’s personality. You cannot separate the physical and the psychological outlook of a person. They go hand and hand and both must be considered when ‘getting your colours done’.

So how can you go about using colour to express your personality? Here are some thoughts to ponder.

I love to wear tints, tones and shades of the colours that suit me. It makes me feel calm and collected. Other people do not feel threatened and I am often told that I am friendly and approachable. I am not sure which came first, the colours I love or my personality. I think one reflects the other and that it could be no other way.

Some people love to wear red. Often dramatic or romantic types love a good red. Reds are fiery and show personality traits of daring and fieriness.

Nature loving people often gravitate toward browns and greens. These colours show gravity, earthiness and stability. Think all the shades of brown from beige to the darkest chocolate browns and all the greens from forest green to the palest mint.

Creative personality types love to mix unusual colours to express their unconventional style personality and their artistic mind. Think of Vivienne Westwood. Unexpected is to be expected.

Fun loving extroverts often wear lots of brightly contrasting colour with lots of movement in the print. This again shows how their mind works. They are out-going, fun loving and social in most cases. It would be unusual to see an introverted person who loves to stay home wearing these colours.

There is no doubt in my mind that the colours we choose to wear reflect what is going on inside for us.

How do the colours you wear reflect how you think and feel? Do you go for bright unusual combinations or quieter softer tones? Do you avoid colour altogether? Do you like lower contrast or higher contrast?

When I conduct a colour analysis consultation, I consider personality as well as colouring so don’t be surprised when one of the first things I ask you to do is fill out a personality quiz. Colour analysis becomes truly fascinating when personality is taken into consideration and in time, you too will find that personality and the colours you choose to wear become inseparable.

Reply by email if you have any questions about colour analysis or about the services I provide. I am happy to chat by mail, messenger or by telephone.

*Colour Conundrum is a word made up by me for people with unusual colouring or colouring that is hard to categorise into conventional colour groupings.

Change is freaking scary!

Change is freaking scary!

It’s stepping away from all that is familiar and comfortable and taking a chance on the great unknown.

I should know. I have gone through two major changes in my life in the past year and both have taken some time to get comfortable with.

The first was a continent move – I moved from Singapore to France after living there for 18 years.  The second big upheaval was that I went from working in my husband’s company to restarting my own business. There has been a lot of discomfort around these changes on so many levels, but I am just choosing to talk about my clothes today!

After living in the tropics for 18 years, I can tell you that none of my clothes prepared me for a winter in France, even if it is the South of France! Additionally, clothes that worked in a rather casual work environment in Singapore did not work for my new role as business owner and consultant.

I had to take a long hard look at my clothes and pretty much start from scratch and build a wardrobe that works with my life now.

Many of my clients come to me during these big changes in their lives. Moving country, moving job, starting a new business, growing a business, kids moving out, retiring … The list goes on. The commonality is that there is a big change happening for them. They need help to get comfortable with themselves and how they dress for their new life situation.

If you have gone through a big change or are currently going through a change in your life circumstances, then I may be the perfect person to help you.

My Online Colour Confidence Bootcamp will show you step by step how to get your wardrobe and your confidence back in sync.

Through live mentoring sessions, it will show you how you can look and feel fabulous within the next two weeks without having to change a single thing about your body.

You will discover your best colours so you look gorgeous and learn how to wear these colours, so you look stylish, more confident and happier in your own skin. You will learn how to incorporate colour into your wardrobe, so it becomes functional, fun and vibrant.

Getting dressed every morning will become an enjoyable experience because you can put a stylish and appropriate outfit together in minutes. You will have full confidence that you look terrific as you are wearing colours in a way that work for your colouring and your body shape

In addition to four solid hours of online mentoring, an ongoing support group , you get 4 invaluable bonuses.

One of these bonuses is a support call with me at any time during the program so that if you have any questions or concerns that you don’t want to bring to the group, you can address them directly with me (Value: €200). This alone almost covers the cost of the bootcamp.

For more details or a chat, email me at

Are you guilty of ‘The Guilt’?

Do you feel guilty spending time doing things you know will make you feel happy and contented?

I know I can get terrible guilt from time to time. It usually strikes early morning (after the kids have gone to school) and its time for me to get cracking on my day. As I work for myself, I can totally choose what I want to do unless I have a consultation booked in. I can go for a run, take a long shower and spend time getting dressed but usually I start fretting and feeling guilty that I should be doing something more productive. Despite having spent the last several hours catering to other people and often having been up during the night (my youngest gets bad growing pains), I still feel guilty spending time as I please.

I see this all the time with my clients and my friends. They routinely short cut themselves while they literally run around taking care of everyone else. They often run themselves ragged and don’t even take the time to dress nicely or get their hair coloured.

Recently I gave a 2 hour talk about colour to a group of ladies and it was held in the afternoon. Most of the ladies rushed off at the end and one of the ladies came up and told me that she felt ‘frivolous’ for taking the afternoon off and doing something that she had been wanting to do for years. It was two hours for god’s sake. I know no man who would stress about spending two hours on themselves! Do you?

Do you agree that when you take care of yourself and spend the time doing the things you love, then you are better able to be there for other people? You are a nicer person to be around, you feel more confident and you are happier to give other people what they need.

Conversely, when you short cut self-care, you are less fun to be around, you are impatient and feel hard done by. Your confidence and self-esteem are low. You look and feel frumpy.

Who wants to feel like this and who wants to be with a person like this?

Isn’t it time you stopped putting yourself last on your ‘to do’ list?

Isn’t it time to regain your self-confidence and stop choosing to feel second rate?

Everyone else is getting ahead and making the changes required to get ahead and you remain stuck feeling old and frumpy and not good enough.

You might be telling yourself that you will treat yourself better when you are more successful, but you and I know that this is unlikely. How you treat yourself now, will be how you treat yourself always. This lack of investment of time and effort into yourself is what is making you feel not worthy. Changing this one thing could change everything for you.

Are you READY….

To put yourself first for a change?

If you are then, drop me a message to find out about a new live online mentoring program that I am about to launch, that will have you looking fabulous and feeling confident within two weeks. There are just 10 places available for this pilot run so message me now to book your place.

Oscar Night – What not to wear…..

If you’ve ever attended an event and felt second rate because you didn’t look the part, you’ll be familiar with that sinking feeling of not feeling good enough….

You feel sick, frumpy, ill at ease and you just want to go home, put your comfy clothes on and go to bed.

That was exactly how I felt at my company’s annual dinner and dance almost 15 years ago but I can still remember the feeling as if it was yesterday.

Each year the company used to hold a themed dinner and dance and on this particular year, the theme was ‘Oscar Night’.

I was really looking forward to the event and the chance to get dressed up as I worked in food manufacturing at the time and wore a white uniform, safety shoes and a blue mop cap to cover my hair while in the work environment.

I went all out and got a great outfit which consisted of a full black floor length skirt and a black bustier top. It looked great in the shop and I was excited about the event.

On the night, everything was going well till I sat down and then the bustier sprang into action. It pushed my ample bust up and out in a rather eye popping display of boob. I spent the rest of the night trying to pull up my dress and hide my jaw dropping cleavage.

Things went from bad to worse when I ended up winning a prize and having to parade across the stage in my now very inappropriate attire.

I literally could not wait to escape home and I can honestly say that I did not enjoy one moment of the night.

How I wished that I had someone to tell me what to wear? How different my night would have been if I had chosen a more appropriate outfit.

This event caused a serious dent in my self-esteem and confidence at work and it took me a long time to feel good about myself again.

What we wear is critical to how we feel about ourselves; when we are dressed appropriately and look good, we feel good and our self-esteem and confidence rise in direct proportion to how we feel about ourselves.

Look at how much shame and anguish I suffered because I dressed inappropriately. Look how much fun I ended up missing out in because I didn’t look the part.

Have you felt like this in the past? Do you feel like you are missing out on fun, enjoyment and opportunities because you spend your time before and at events fretting about your clothes?

Imagine if you knew exactly what to wear for that upcoming event and knew that you would look great wearing it.

You feel comfortable, you know you look good and you feel confident to seize whatever opportunity comes your way. You are engaging with people, having fun and not fretting about what you are wearing. You are in great spirits because you know you are presenting the best version of you.

This is a completely possible alternate. Drop me an email at to set up an appointment to chat about your wardrobe concerns.

Need to stand up and speak – What to wear?

Giving a presentation or standing up to speak in front of a group causes most people to want to bolt for the hills. What to wear is high on the list of concerns. Here are my top tips on making the best possible impression:

1. Smart casual is about as casual as you should go. Avoid anything in denim or shoes that are ultra casual such as runners.

2. A tailored jacket over a tailored pants or dress will look great and immediately show your professionalism. Darker neutral colours tend to work best as they will create a contrast with any other colour you wear.

3. Use colour to your advantage. A shell top or a dress in a bright colour that suits you will keep the attention on you. Red is a great colour to show confidence and establish you as the expert.

4. Keep shoes polished and close toed as sandals look less professional. A nude court shoe with a medium heel will look good with most tailored clothes. Look for a comfy style as you may be on your feet for several hours.

5. Wear light makeup with matte finishes. You will look healthier and more polished under the harsh lights of a conference room or the stage.

Do plan your outfit several days before your event.

Try your outfit on if you are planning on wearing anything that you haven’t worn before. The last thing you need is a clothes malfunction just before you hit the limelight.