DRAPES: Do You Really Need Them? This Will Help You Decide!

I got my first set of drapes made up in Singapore in 2005. I went along to Spotlight at Plaza Singapura, picked out fabric in the different seasonal categories and took them to my tailor to get them cut out and stitched up beautifully.

I still have that original set of drapes and they are still perfect after all these years. They have survived several house moves and even a move across the world.

I love them but I rarely use them these days. You see, somewhere along the way I figured out how to tell the colours that suit you without having to drape you.

So the question is, do you actually need drapes to do a colour analysis?

The simple answer is no. I do colour analysis consultations every day without a drape in sight. However, don’t forget that I have spent several years wielding drapes and learnt how to use them so that I could show clients what I was seeing. I could show them how the wrong colour caused every line, wrinkle and blemish to be more obvious, whereas the right colour cleared the skin, made them look younger and was like a mini facelift.

Even though I don’t use drapes anymore, I can see the drapes in my ‘minds eye’ and imagine the effect this will have on the client.

The drapes work really well for people who are visual but of course everyone is not a visual learner and many of my clients could not see what I was seeing when I draped them. I also see this in my 5 Weeks to Online Colour Expert Training Program. Several of the consultants in there who found the drapes just confused them, are perfectly capable of doing colour analysis without the drapes. Drapes are just one of the tools that can be used in a successful colour analysis.

Despite this, I still think that if you are starting out as a colour consultant, then a simple set of drapes is a good idea. It will train your eye and give you confidence to be able to do colour analysis while showing the client exactly what you see. Eventually you will probably not need the drapes but you may decide to continue to use them, just because you like to and because you like showing your client the difference.

You can learn all about drapes and the minimum you need to get started in my Colour Analysis Made Simple Training & Support Group. All the training in the group is recorded and you will have lifelong access.

4 top ways to look slimmer

For most of us, it is inevitable that we gain a few lbs over Christmas and the New Year so I decided to list some tips here to help you to look slimmer and feel more confident.

  • Dress in darker colours. This is an oldy but a goody.  Even if black is not your best colour then consider wearing it away from your face in a v neck or in a sleek cigarette pants. Black is great, but also consider navy, burgundy, chocolate brown and a dark olive. They are equally slimming and may be a better option with your colouring.
  • Avoid jumpers and coats in  bulky fabrics as they can make you look like the mitchelin man. Choose less bulky fabrics with wool and other thermal properties to keep you cosy.
    Try layering a light or bright collared shirt under a slim dark jumper, letting the hem and the sleeves peep out underneath. This draws attention away from a slightly rounded midriff and looks stylish and put together at the same time. Pull up your collar and let it stand up at the back and add some a silver or gold chunky necklace to up the luxe factor.
  • Wear clothes that skim, not cling. Anything that is too small will actually make you look bigger.

When in doubt, try one size up and cut the label off when you get home if that makes you feel better.

  • Wear outfits with vertical design lines. This might be a jacket/cardigan worn open or a scarf flowing down the front of a sweater dress. Also try a long necklace that flows vertically down the front of your top (You may need to knot it below cleavage to keep it in place).

Illusion is a marvellous thing so why not take full advantage of it to look your best and feel more confident as you take on the new year.

In case you were wondering if online colour analysis and style works…..

I don’t do so many online consultations these days.

I spend the majority of my days showing other image consultants how to take their image business online.

I do like to keep my finger in the pie though so I know the challenges my students face.

Recently I had the pleasure of doing an online colour and style consult with the lovely Tanny Jeffrey and she left me the most fabulous testimonial. 🤗🤗🤗

For those of you wondering if online colour analysis and style works, I invite you to read Tannys’ testimonial…..


I came across Aileen Lane via Linked In. I was particularly drawn to Aileen’s posts, because they are interesting and en point without being too ‘salesly’ or aggressive; the articles are always current and informative. 

Over the last 10 years, I had put on a lot of weight, got divorced, moved to a different country and have been travelling extensively, while working in quite a pressured environment and raising teenage boys. It hasn’t left a lot of ‘head space’ to think about image or being able to shop wisely.
In our first session, Aileen conducted a colour analysis. Having sent her a number of photos, I was excited to see the result and I wasn’t disappointed. Aileen went through with me in detail the colours of my suggested palette, engaging in questions and comments along the way.  It was enlightening…. and actually felt very comforting.
I had been dressing almost entirely in black baggy clothes to hide my weigh gain and look ‘anonymous’. Having recently lost a lot of weight, I wanted to re-gain a semblance of the old – and new – me.

Between sessions, I had to send Aileen photos of my body shape, along with ideas of clothes that I found appealing. I really enjoyed doing this and it helped me re-connect with my sense of style. It was brilliant to spend a bit of time thinking about the clothes I feel attracted to for work and casual wear.

In the second session Aileen ran through my style personality and body shape results. Again, very interesting as she highlighted what would and wouldn’t enhance by shape and why.
She was spot on.

At no point was Aileen judgemental or critical. She gently guided me through the best types of clothing and fabrics for me and clearly explained why they would suit. I found the information clear – and in abundance! Certainly detailed notes, drawings and examples of what would go well together. I know I will refer to these and the colour palette regularly.

I have a number of items in my wardrobe that I love and I know full well don’t fit into the ‘right’ category – Aileen was absolutely brilliant in coming up with amazing ‘outfit’ ideas to bring these pieces together and make them work for me.

Have I learned from the experience – yes.

Would I go back to Aileen for advice in the future – yes.

Did I thoroughly enjoy interacting with her (she’s so lovely ) – yes.

Was it good value for money – absolutely.

I feel that I have gotten back on the ‘me’ road and feel well-guided both colour and style wise.
Aileen encouraged me not to rush into the sales, or to start panic buying (which I do because I have so little time to shop) but to set myself a couple of clear objectives, defined my colour rather than’ what’s in fashion right now’ and take time to buy some proper pieces to fit into my wardrobe… I wish she could live in mine as my magic wardrobe pixie!

Thank you again
Tanny x

Tanny Jeffrey, Online Colour & Style Client
Working with Tanny’s existing wardrobe

What not to do to be a successful image consultant

10 years ago, I had already been an image consultant for 4 years.

I had just obtained CIP (Certified Image Professional) status with AICI ( The Association of Image Consultants International) and I had been awarded the rising star award by my local AICI Singapore Chapter.

From the outside it looked like I had a flourishing image business and I was a success.

In reality, I was scraping by and trying to cover expenses every month.
4 years in, I was still struggling to make ends meet.

All I wanted to do was help my clients and to stop worrying about money.

Like many image consultants in the early years, I had no idea how to actually scale or grow my business so that I had a consistent and steady flow of clients and a predictable income.

My main method of getting clients was to stand up and talk in groups, often times free of charge. While this method did get some clients, it was very hit and miss and required a huge amount of time and energy.

I ended up taking a break from my image business when my second boy arrived and I worked with my husband for several years.
We managed not to murder each other and I learnt key business skills during those years. I learnt that to have a successful and profitable image business, I needed to be a business woman first and an image consultant second.

When I restarted my business in 2017, I went in with my eyes wide open and I was focused on business this time around. I created an online business model that is scaleable and that I can operate from anywhere in the world.

I have made it my mission to help image consultants to take their colour and image business online and to be financially independent. I am passionate about this because I’ve experienced how liberating and fulfilling it is to work as an image consultant from anywhere in the world. I am on a mission to help others overcome their fears and give them the tools to make this a reality.

Shopping the sales

Its that time of year when prices are slashed in the shops and the temptation is to buy all sorts of clothes that look like a great bargain.

Do bear in mind that these items are on sale because they haven’t been sold last season and probably weren’t that popular to begin with.

They are only a bargain if they work with your current wardrobe and are in a colour and a style that suit you.

Sales are the ideal time to invest in wardrobe basics that are excellent quality e.g. real leather belts, accessories, classic jackets in your best neutral colours, classic bags and shoes.

Avoid very trendy items that are already going out of fashion.

Here are 5 tips to keep you on the straight and narrow:

1. Go prepared: Choose clothes and shoes that are easy to remove. Today is not the day for a complicated outfit.

2. Shoes: Wear your most comfortable pair that you can slip off and on easily. Avoid high heels and laces.

3. Underwear: Wear your standard underwear that you routinely wear so you can identify any issues with lines etc. A vest is a good idea as it will allow you try pants and skirts by themselves.

4. If you are looking for something specific to go with something else in your wardrobe, then bring that item along with you. e.g. Looking for a jacket to work with your charcoal grey pants, than bring along your charcoal grey pants.

5. This is the time to invest in wardrobe staples in your best neutral colours as these are the backbone in your wardrobe and will return your investment over and over.

For Summers choose greys and navys, for Winters you cannot go wrong with blacks and the darkest greens and mulberry’s. If you are an Autumn or Spring choose chocolate browns and navy’s.

With these tips in mind, go forth and have fun. While I love a bargain, the mere thought of sales give me a headache so I will be staying home with a nice hot port!