Style Strategy Session €99

What will you wear for your next big event?

Here are some of the concerns I hear when women have special events to attend.

I have been invited to speak at an event. Its a great opportunity for me but I am so nervous and I haven’t a clue what to wear?

I am very excited that I have been elected to attend the company conference overseas. The climate there is completely different. What should I pack?

My husbands company is having a dinner and dance. The dress code is black tie. Il hate dresses and I don’t want to go. Can you help me?

My class reunion is coming up in a few months. I’m dreading everyone seeing me after 20 years. What can I wear so I feel a bit better about myself?

A special event can put fright into the heart of the bravest woman.

All these feelings, misgivings and frustrations are normal for woman when they have to operate outside their regular routine.

My style strategy session will get you thinking, planning and preparing the perfect outfit for your special event. After the session, you will know exactly what to wear to be more confident and free to enjoy your special event.

How does the session work?

# Online Zoom consult with Aileen, Lane Image Consulting. The consult is held over a zoom call so you can call in from anywhere in the world if you have an internet connection.

# The video call will be recorded and sent to you after the session so you can rewatch it as many times as you wish.

# Cost : €99 for a 1 hour consult

To book you session email me at

The Navy Suit

Nothing projects more authority than a navy suit. It is my go to item for corporate events, interviews or any situation that requires making a great impression.

It is truly an investment piece as it is so versatile . A classic navy suit is unmemorable and can be worn regularly with different blouse/scarf/jewellery combinations to give a multitude of looks.


In a work / business environment, you will, at some time, need both of these looks.

A visit to the bank manager for a business loan calls for the authoritative look, but to ask for an extension to an overdraft, I would suggest the approachable look. Every person needs to know their authoritative and approachable look.

The authoritative look requires dark colours or neutrals worn with the lightest of colours or neutrals, i.e. navy jacket worn with white blouse.

When you need to be the team leader the approachable look works better and this look needs less contrast, i.e. navy jacket worn with periwinkle blue blouse.


For the most authority, choose the darkest navy that works for you or sharpest pinstripe navy.

For those of you who have had your colours done, here are my recommendations:

Summer: Choose a grey blue navy with silver or neutral navy buttons. Your navy looks dusty.

Winter: Go for the blackest navy you can find. A pinstripe will probably look great on you too as geometric print works for you.

Autumn: A marine navy is best for you. Though hard to find, the orange undertone in the navy will really work with your colouring. A textured finish is ideal like a tweed or a brocade.

Spring: Think bright and clear. A light clear navy will be your best option and you may even get away with a bit of sheen in the fabric.

You simply cannot go wrong by investing in a navy suit in the best quality you can afford. Dress it up with a sharp white shirt and heels or dress it down with a T-shirt and sneakers. It never disappoints and will repay your investment many times over.

What happens when I come and have my style done?

What happens when I come and have my style done?

I am asked this question on a daily basis so I thought I would answer it here.

My first response is always:

Style is a journey – I start at where you are at right now and I establish where you want to be.

We then sit down with a nice cup of tea and draw up a plan together on how you get to where you want to be. It usually looks something like this.

I start with colour – Have you had your colours done? If not, this is the perfect place to start. Read more here. If you have had your colours done, then we review where you are at and look at the next steps in this area.

Next I look at style personality. Have you established what your style personality is? Do you need help refining it. Do you have a signature style? What is your signature style?

Next I establish what you body shape is. There isn’t a measuring tape, a height chart a weighing scale in sight and I promise not to make you strip down! This information allows me to advise you on the best cuts, shapes and fabric for your body.

I also establish what you areas of ‘struggle’ are. Do you feel underdressed or overdressed in different areas of your life? What would you like to be able to say/feel?

As you can see at this point, I will be asking lots of questions to get to the crux of your concerns and to establish where you want to be.

Only when I have all this information, will I begin to advise you on what to wear. I will then go through the different situations/roles that you need to dress for and make my recommendations. With your input and with my input, I will prepare a prescription for you of what to wear for the different areas of your life.

Style is a journey, has many facets and will change throughout your life as your life situation changes. My advise to you is to take it one step at the time and enjoy the process, just like life itself.

Which green to wear for St. Patricks Day?

With St.Patrick’s day just around the corner, you are probably thinking about what to wear. There’s only one option really and thats green. Green can be a difficult colour to wear for a lot of people as many of the bright greens out there are yellow based. Here is my suggestion for greens for the different seasonal groupings.

Summers: You need a dusty blue washed out green. Difficult to find but worth the search as it won’t overpower your delicate colouring.

Winters: As a winter you want to choose a green in a pure hue with a blue underbase. Forest or emerald green are a good option for you. Think Aer Lingus (Irish Airline) brand colours and you cannot go wrong.

Springs: You will be able to wear the brightest, clearest, warmest greens just like a leprechan so I am sure you will be delighted with yourself. The rainbow and the pot of gold was made for you😂.

Autumns: You have many great greens and most autumns love to wear green so I am sure you will be out celebrating St. Paddy’s Day. Your greens are rich, warm and muted. Think antique and gold based greens.

So once you are kitted out in your best green, there’s nothing else to do but to go out there and shake your shamrock. I hope you all have a fabulous day and that you get all the luck of the Irish😉

Wobbly Arm woes – What to do?

3/4 Length Sleeves Flatter less than perfect arms

As the weather hot’s up and summer approaches, the anxiety levels are starting to rise. Wobbly arms are on the top of a lot of women’s list of what they hate about themselves. I can assure you from experience, that you are most probably the only one that cares about your arms.

Case in point: I have a friend who routinely obsesses about her arms, however, I never notice an issue with her arms until she points them out. She is such a beautiful, amazing and gorgeous girl; I advise her to focus on all the good stuff, like her amazing skin, her amazing smile, her amazing waist.

Life is too short to spend time being anxious about our less than perfect parts; so lets blend in the bad bits and highlight the good bits.

Here are some ways to blend in your arms so they are not a focus point.

  1. Wear a sleeve. Obvious right. The type of sleeve is important though. Never have a sleeve ending at the heaviest part of your arm. Short horizontal sleeves are usually not flattering for large upper arms. 3/4 length sleeves tend to be the best option as most women rarely have a problem with their lower arms or wrists. This length sleeve also exposes a little skin and slims our upper body. For longer sleeves, just pull them up to 3/4 length.
  2. Try a split or keyhole sleeve. Try different styles that expose different sections of the arms. These can look quite sexy and gorgeous and are clever at hiding the wobbly underarm bits.
  3. Primark and Marks and Spencers do clever little lace arm covers that are ideal to wear under a sleeveless dress or top.
  4. Don’t forget that you can also take steps to improve the appearance of you arms; a tan will improve the appearance and make them appear slimmer. A good quality fake tan or a real tan will work equally well.
  5. Finally, toning your arms will also improve how you feel about them. There are numerous online challenges and ways to get your arms back in shape. I am in favour of simple 1lb dumb bells which are stored near the TV. 5 minutes of bicep curls and other simple arm exercises most days will make all the difference.

Do bear in mind though that arm issues can be hereditary or due to body shape so be kind to yourself. As I said at the start of the article, blend your arms in as best you can, then get on with looking your best and really enjoying your life. Think of all the people who don’t have any arms to worry about if all else fails!