5 Easy Ways You Can Have a Successful Image Business In 2020

Are you excited to get going in your business in 2020 or are you dreading the prospect of having to put yourself out there again? I am feeling a bit of both but excitement is starting to win out as I put my marketing plan together. With this in mind, I have listed my 5 top ways to help you to get going and have the business of your dreams in 2020. So here goes, in no particular order:

  1. Turn up every day. When I restarted my business in December 2017 after a 4 year break, I was virtually unknown in the image consulting industry. From the early days, one of my commitments was to show up in front of my ideal client every day, no matter what. Within a matter of months, I began to get engagement on my posts and the leads started flowing in. Some days I got no love on my posts but I stayed in the game and continued to plug away every day.

Ask yourself this question every day ‘ What am I doing today to make the sale?’. Most image consultants I know focus a lot of getting it right for their client which is truly admirable but you need to start getting clients in the door to stay in business. So I ask you again, ‘What are you doing to get the clients in the door?’

  1. Have conversations. You need to be talking to people about how you can help them everyday. No sale ever happened outside a conversation. I began to internalise this after reading ‘The Prosperous Coach’ by Steve Chandler & Rich Litvin and I quickly realised the power of building relationships through conversations. Schedule in conversations every day with potential clients who are asking questions and who are interested in what you do.
  1. Share and ask. I am a huge fan of Denise Duffield-Thomas, author of ‘Get Rich, Lucky Bitch ‘. Her marketing strategy share information freely and ask. The answer will always be no, unless you ask. You need to be asking for the sale. Many image consultants I see share freely but often don’t ask or tell their clients what they can buy from them. Is this you?

People won’t have an opportunity to work with you unless you ask.

Denise Duffield-Thomas
  1. Forget the competition and really focus deeply on what you have to offer. Even if you think it is really simple, what you have to offer is life changing for other people. What makes you unique? What makes your journey unique? How are you different from every other image consultant out there? This is where your zone of genius lies.

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What to wear – Christmas Day

I can’t believe it but Christmas day is already upon us! That happened fast in the end.

Have you thought about what you are going to wear?

Having an outfit planned will take some stress out of the day and help you feel more comfortable as you navigate what is a very busy day for most people.

Christmas day is a big celebration in our house and usually starts out with present opening, hanging around having a drink in our PJs and then getting dressed and going to Christmas Day Mass. This followed by a big turkey and ham feast.

My outfit has to work hard and take me comfortably through a chilly trip to the church, a very hot kitchen, an after lunch walk and drinks later in the afternoon.

Here are my thoughts on how to be best prepared:

  • Start by choosing a colour combo that works for you. The outfits in the set I have prepared would work for someone with cool or Winter colouring.
  • Choose fabrics that can breathe and that allows you to layer a warm coat over if you are planning to go outside. Avoid chunky jumpers as you will overheat inside.
  • Select your shoes wisely; while stilettos will likely look lovely with your outfit, a pair of wedges or booties will be more comfortable and practical for a long day.
  • Outfits that allow room for expansion are a good idea as most people tend to over indulge a little (or a lot!) on Christmas Day. Bring on the elasticated waistbands!
  • Add a little festive cheer by adding some sparkle or shine in your outfit, however be aware that shine brings attention to an area so be sure to place it somewhere you want people to look. An alternative is to select an outfit in a Christmas colour like red, green or gold to up the festive factor.

Once you have your outfit sorted, you can then relax and let your hair down and enjoy all the lovely food and company.

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas with lots of love, peace and fun.👠🍾🎄🤶🏼


Case Study: How to help your client with less than ideal colours and prints

Here I am wearing my new Lennon Courtney dress.

It is not an ideal choice for a Cool Summer like myself for a number of reasons:

❌ There are three cool colours in the print (blue, pink & navy) and two warm colours (caramel & brown). The pink, blue and navy are perfect for me but the other two wash me out and age me significantly! Luckily these two colours are not too prominent.

❌ There is a lot of colour going on in the print. I look far better in tints, tones and shades of the same colour.

❌ The geometric print is also not ideal for my curved features and soft colouring.

I love this dress and have decided to make it work for me. Your client will have similar items in their wardrobe that they want to keep and wear.

Here is what I can do to make this dress work for me. You can use these same ideas to help your clients wear colours and prints that are not ideal for them.

  1. I have chosen neutral, cool silver and navy earrings. I have avoided adding any more bright colours. The earring design is rounded geometric which picks up the print of the dress without being outright geometric ( In other words, it softens the look a bit).
  1. I have kept my makeup very low key, soft and natural, again to soften my look. I have gone for a soft pink lipstick with a bit of shine and put my hair in a soft updo.
  1. Luckily the neckline is a flattering V so there’s not too much colour near my face but I could hang a vertical scarf in a soft, cool pink down the front of the dress to soften the affect of the print on me. It will also cover up some of the print near my face making the whole outfit look much more congruent with my colouring.
  1. Adding a gilet in a cool slimming burgundy will have a similar effect and the beautiful balloon sleeves of the dress will still be on show.
  1. I will be finishing this outfit with a neutral boot and here is a great place to pull in the warmer colours, far away from the face.

Have you posted on social media showcasing how you can solve a problem for your client recently? From experience, I know that clients love these types of posts.

Need some help with consistently posting and showing up?

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3 Tonal Colour Analysis Secrets You Never Knew

There is still lots of confusion around the Tonal Colour Analysis System though it really is very simple. There are 6 tonal categories of colour – Warm, Cool, Deep, Light, Bright & Soft-Muted and all of these can be related back to the seasonal theory.

Just today, I received a note from a colour consultant who has trained on the tonal system but she is still confused.

I work with both the seasonal & tonal colour systems and here are three little known secrets that I have discovered that will help demystify tonal colour analysis.

  1. If you know Seasonal Colour Analysis, you know tonal colour analysis.

Tonal colour theory is an extension of seasonal colour theory. It is based on the same principles but it gives the colour consultant more choice to work with. I find it particularly helpful when I see elements of warm and cool in a client.

I often find myself looking at the deep, light and bright palettes when my client doesn’t fit neatly into one of the 4 seasons.

  1. Many of your clients won’t care if you give them a season or a tonal designation, they just want to know what colours suit them.

Some image consultants get caught up with the technical aspects of colour analysis, forgetting that their clients simply want to know what colours work for them and how to wear them. Consultants need to be able to translate technical colour speak into a simple explanation that their client can easily understand.

  1. People feel less boxed in and feel they have more choice when you give them a tonal designation

I have found that clients can be much happier with a tonal designation as it gives them more choice compared to a season. Some people who have had their colours done previously, tell me that they don’t love their season. For clients like this, I move away from season and give them a tonal designation e.g. Cool instead of Winter or warm instead of Autumn allowing them more freedom with their colours.

Do you use the tonal colour analysis system and how?

Want to learn more?

Tonal training is provided in my Colour Analysis Made Simple Program.

Cracking the HOUSE PARTY dresscode

I love house parties, especially other people’s!

What’s nicer than getting dressed up, grabbing a bottle of champagne and heading over to someones house. Often not so fun for the host though as there is lots to be done!

When deciding what to wear as a host or a guest, consider comfort upfront as oftentimes you may be standing for quite a while, outside or crammed in between several people on the sofa.

So the trick is to look stylish and put together wearing clothes that won’t restrict your movement too much.

Colour: Choose a top and jewellery in your best colours. Here I have chosen to go warm and have opted for bright blue and gold for a festive vibe. I have also chosen sheen in the top and jacket to up the style factor without going overboard.

Level of refinement: Overdressing or ultra high glam may not be the best option for a house party especially if the host has a natural, relaxed style. Take your cue from the host while staying true to your own style personality. In this case, I have chosen dark wash jeans to keep the outfit grounded, natural and super comfy.

Another consideration is where the party will be – inside or outside. Our parties often spill out into the garden where it gets chilly real quick. A jacket is a must in a situation like this and don’t forget that your shoes need to be able to handle the terrain outside – lawn, pebbled drives etc.

Accessories: These are the perfect way to add style without having to sacrifice comfort. An unusual or festive pair of earrings or a necklace are a fantastic talking point and are a great way to make the outfit your own and showcase your personality.

Well I am off to cobble an outfit together for our house party tomorrow. My husband got a bit carried away and invited 60+!! I will definitely be needing an outfit that handles inside, outside, lots of kids and lots of noise!

What about you? Have you any house parties coming up? Do you know what you will be wearing?