For Image Consultants & Personal Stylists

… Work with me for 3 weeks to prepare purposeful, relevant and consistent content that resonates with your ideal client 

….without ever again having to regurgitate the same old content that every other image consultant out there is churning out.


Masterclass 1: Who is this ideal client and where are they?

Tapping into who you really are and what you can uniquely offer, we discover the perfect client for you. Once you know who they are, we then ferret out where they hang out… Once you identify who your perfect client is and where they are, marketing becomes a doddle!


  • Identifying Your Ideal Client
  • Determining where they hang out (For the purposes of this course we will be working with your top choice of social media channel – LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram)
  • Establishing what you have to offer them that unique to you (One service or product for the purpose of this challenge)

Masterclass 2: Creating a purposeful plan. 

Creating a mix of social media posts that calls to your audience and keeps them coming back for more. Preparing a rolling social media plan that will be the basis for you consistently showing up for your ideal client.

Masterclass 3: Implementing, measuring and customising your plan

Daily tasks to get you engaging with you audience so that you build a loyal following and so that your ideal client will know exactly what you provide and how you can help them.

  • Getting comfortable on video
  • Sourcing Images
  • Software that can help you
  • Measuring and fine-tuning your results

PLUS, THREE Bonuses…

BONUS #1: Lifetime Access to the materials from the course

Never be stuck for content again as you can return to course materials for inspiration when you hit a content dry spot.

Bonus #2: A canva tutorial to show you how to create graphics that are consistent, noticeable and that stand out from the crowd

Discover how to have a consistent look and how to create scroll stopping graphics so your brand becomes immediately recognizable and your ideal client knows exactly what you are offering.

Bonus 3: A social media plan template with content ideas

A clever template to help you plan content so you never need to stare blankly at the screen again wondering what to say.


Few of us as image business owners have friends and family who TRULY understand us. It can be difficult to access people who SUPPORT you, without judgement.

That’s why you’ll also receive direct access to me, as well as the support of your like-minded image consultants throughout the course, inside our private Facebook group.

Connect & Convert For Image Consultants will be a practical and immersive experience, where together with your fellow like-minded image business owners, you’ll spend 3 weeks cultivating a healthy and sustainable marketing practice.

Daily Tasks

All classes are recorded, and you will have unlimited access to the replays inside a private facebook group.



Aileen Lane, I just wanted to say a big thank you for the live session this morning. It really dispelled a lot of the fear around getting my message out there. Excellent social media advice for image consultants – am now fired up to put it into practice! ‘😀

Trudy Cooper, Image Consultant

‘Your help and support has given me the confidence to pick up my online colour consultation and make it real!
I’m still learning from you every day and have a long way to go, but i would highly recommend any image consultant wanting to believe in her business to do a course with you x’ 

Adele Mitchell, Image Consultant

‘This is the best training ever.’

Helen Bratton, Image Consultant

‘I think you training has been great Aileen’

Claire Evans, Image Consultant

‘Fantastic live as always, Thank you Aileen. I know you would be putting a Labour of love into creating this program…I’ll definitely be attending to both support and learn more! Xx

Julie Daniel, Image Consultant