I created these 52 online colour analysis digital colour drapes and the starter pack so you have everything you need to get started with online colour analysis immediately.

The Online Colour Analysis Expert Starter Pack has everything you need to get colour coding online today, along with lots of help on getting fully booked…

Online Colour Analysis Expert Starter Pack

Item 1: Digital Colour Analysis Drapes 

52 downloadable Seasonal & Tonal High Quality Digital Colour Analysis Drapes give you the tool you need to conduct online colour analysis which enables you to start selling online today, earn decent money and have the profitable business you’ve always dreamed of.

These drapes are in png format and can be used anywhere you can use an image so you can use them including word, powerpoint or canva.

There drapes can be used:

✔ As part of your colour analysis process & consultation.

✔ In your marketing; you can customize them with your own logo.

✔ To drape in word, powerpoint & canva.

The drapes work beautifully with the digital palettes as they are in the same colours. ( Digital palettes available separately)

Full Set. (4 Autumn, 4 Summer, 6 Winter, 4 Spring, 5 Bright, 5 Light, 7 Deep, 6 Cool, 6 Warm, 5 Neutral).

Item 2: Expert Video Guide On How to Use Your Digital Drapes

This expert training video shows you step by step how to conduct online colour analysis using the digital drapes. It demonstrates how you can work location free, earn more money and spend more time pursuing the things you love.

ITem 3: Online Colour Analysis Cheat Sheet

This downloadable cheat sheet is the shortcut to colour coding a person in seconds based on their hair, eye colour and skin tone. This little gem will give you the confidence that you are getting it right and ensure you conduct online colour analysis with authority and expertise so that you delight your online clients and you become the go to expert for online colour analysis.

BONUS 1: Selling Your Online Colour Program Checklist

This Checklist is the answer to filling your online colour analysis workshops so you never have to worry about attendance and participation again.

Bonus 2: Client Selfie Requirement Form

This essential form will ensure you get a top quality picture from your client so you can be confident that you are getting it right and giving your client the best quality results.

bonus 3: Exclusive Interview with a Top Image Consultant

Learn the tricks of the trade so you can not only conduct a successful online consult but sell it over and over and get more money in the bank.