Colour Analysis Made Simple Training & Support Group



WHAT You Get:

So what can you expect when you take my Colour Made Simple Training?

You will:

 Become super clear and confident about colour analysis so you can work with any colour system on the planet.

 Learn how to create colours, so you never again have to wonder which category a colour belongs to.

Become confident to identify characteristics in people from seasonal and tonal groups, so you can do colour analysis in the back of your head without draping them.

Discover how to work with your client to get their input so you get buy in and get a customer for life.

Work with the seasonal and tonal palettes so that you help your clients identify their best neutrals, their best wow colours and their best makeup colours.


Become part of my Colour Analysis Made Simple facebook group where you can be supported by myself and other consultants in the group so you never feel alone in your business again.

New training, tips and tricks added to the group each week so you are continually hearing the latest industry updates.

All the training is recorded so you can watch it over and over.


Few of us image consultants have friends and family who TRULY understand us. It can be difficult to access people who SUPPORT you, without judgement.

That’s why you’ll also receive direct access to me, as well as the support of your like-minded image consultants, inside our private Facebook group.


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