Digital Colour Analysis Drapes



  • 52 digital drapes for online colour analysis includes seasonal and tonal drapes
  • These drapes are in png format and can be used anywhere you can use an image so you can use them including word, powerpoint or canva .
  • There drapes can be used:
    • As part of your colour analysis process & consultation.
    • In your marketing and you can customize them with your own logo.
    • To drape in word, powerpoint & canva.
  • The drapes work beautifully with the digital palettes as they are in the same colours. ( Digital palettes available separately)
  • Full set €99. (4 Autumn, 4 Summer, 6 Winter, 4 Spring, 5 Bright, 5 Light, 7 Deep, 6 Cool, 6 Warm, 5 Neutral).


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