Colour Analysis (Inhouse)


Personal Colour Analysis Consultation


Do you want to wear more colours but find it difficult to know which ones suit you best?

When you know the colours that complement your natural colouring and your level of contrast, you will be far more confident to add more colour to your wardrobe. You will learn how to choose the correct colours in clothes, accessories and makeup so that you  save money and time in the future.


During a colour analysis session you will learn:

  • Why certain shades work best with your skin, eyes and hair;
  • How to identify the colours that suit you best so that you can independently pick out these colours in clothes, accessories and makeup;
  • How to work with your hairdresser to explain whether the undertone in your hair should be warm or cool;
  • How to wear the colours that you already have in your wardrobe;
  • How to combine colours in your wardrobe to create different effects e.g. fun, elegant, professional etc.;
  • The makeup colours that suit your skin tone best.

Duration: 2 Hours


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