The 6 Figure Stylist
Claire Butler
The Style Expert
Savvy Stylists Business Academy (The 6 Figure Stylist)
Helen Allen
Shoes Expert, Image Consultant
Savvy Stylists Business Academy (The 6 Figure Stylist)
Laura Taylor
Style Coach
5 Weeks To Online Colour Expert
Adele Mitchell
Image Consultant
5 Weeks To Online Colour Expert & Unstoppable Style
Sarah Heron
Colour & Style Coach
5 Weeks To Online Colour Expert
Helenlee Wilkinson
Style Coach
Unstoppable Style
Breeda O Connell
Personal Stylist
I highly recommend Aileen Lane and her Savvy Stylists Business Academy. I have always loved what I do as and image consultant and stylist, and knew that I was very good at it. But marketing myself and my business has always been a struggle. Aileen’s step by step process to market and grow a business was just what I needed. I am just a little over half way through the program and I am already seeing tremendous growth in my business and my confidence to market and promote it. Her authentic approach and teaching style is inspiring, engaging and easy to understand for a stylist at any level in her business. I can see now how this investment in myself and my business will pay me ongoing dividends for years to come. Thank you Aileen!
Pat Gibson
Colour & Style Consultant
Ladies, as Nike says ‘Just do it’ The style guide is crammed with lots of client-useful content! I can see how to personalise the content too; it is in a simple to use format which lends itself to be used as is or developed into something more sophisticated for your clients. I signed up just yesterday and devoured the content in a few hours… Those of us who are in any of Aileen Lane‘s support groups know that there is quality and kinship, and a ‘We are all in this together!’ Supportive attitude right from the get go…. and this is what makes this training so unique. The bonus lesson on how to set up a online Zoom call is so useful ( even for personal use during these lockdown times)…so you can get going ASAP -just plug in clients , and you’re off! I can see I will finally able to call myself an Online Style & Colour Consultant… achieving a goal I’ve been wanting for years! And no, I’m not paid! I’ve just benefited from being enrolled in all of Aileen’s courses, so am an avid ‘insider’! Disclaimer: this is definitely for someone who has some training or is adept in style as there is not Style training as such, so find a course or work from your experience.
Image Consultant
Clover Lewis-Darke
Colour & Style Consultant
Hi Aileen, I just watched the live style consult, the style guide is very detailed and must have taken you a long time to put together, especially the illustrations of all the styles of clothes!
Image Consultant
Claire Wright
Personal Stylist & Participant of The Unstoppable Style Program
Aileen Lane when I started with colour 6 years ago, I believed that colours didn’t change. I learnt that indeed they do, but was often limited within the 4 seasons to accommodate those changes. I’m so happy learning more about the tonal system. It gives so many more options and accuracy when coding someone and happier clients.
Diane James
Personal Stylist & Participant of 5 Weeks To Online Colour Expert Program
I came across Aileen’s online colour course when I made a decision to review and change my Style Coaching packages and offerings. My mission is to transform lives by empowering women who want more confidence and success by elevating their image, impact and presence through their appearance and a healthy and positive mindset. I trained in colour analysis years ago, but Aileen’s online colour course was a fantastic refresher, giving me new tools and techniques to take my colourconsultations online and therefore have a global reach. Aileen’s approach is so engaging, motivating and most professional. She’s a very competent colour consultant, no question or problem is too big or too small for her when it comes to colour and the Image Consultancy business on the whole. She designed practical and fun exercises to work on which helped me approach my colour service differently, but also provided invaluable ongoing support to personally help me refocus and refine my specific market. I’ve had lots of interest in my new online colour consultations with new bookings coming through! I really valued working with Aileen as her experience, expertise and knowledge in the industry is second to none! If you want to take your image business to the next level as I have done, I recommend you don’t delay and sign up with Aileen today!
Julie Daniel
The Chic Stylist, UK
Just to say what a fabulous course the 5 week to Online Colour Analysis Expert was and what a brilliant group of inspirational women, all with different goals and skills to bring to the table. I know we will continue to help and support each other in our businesses. I am niching my business to include online colour analysis so I have a lot of work to get done and implement from what I have learnt so far. I’m working on it now and will start implementing. You have a fabulous way of teaching, really hands on even though it’s online and I have learnt far more from this course than previous ones.
Beccky Marlow
Image Consultant, Spain
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