If you would like to host an event for your friends, have a get together for your social group or as a team building exercise, why not book a Colour Taster workshop.

This is an introduction into the world of Colour Analysis- there are six tones that apply to all of the colour analysis seasons – Warm, Cool, Soft-Muted, Bright, Light & Deep, which means we are all at least one of these tonal groups. Depending on your skin, hair & eye colour, you suit one tone. If for example you are ‘Warm’…… wearing ‘Cool’ colours will make you look less than your best and even washed out.

My colour taster workshops can be done with groups of as little as 4 up to groups of 50 people. You will come away knowing the tone of colour that works for you and an array of colours that work for you right now.

You will be able to order a colour swatch during the session with colours that work for you. Book now and each host will get a free tonal colour swatch as a thank you gift.

“I really enjoyed the workshop. It was personalized, interesting and informative. The talk was the perfect length. The interaction with the slide presentation was also good to keep our attention”. M.Clifford, Attended Tonal Taster Workshop November 2018.

” Really enjoyed tonights workshop. I was a deep/dark. Loved the tones and the advice of how to wear colours”. C.Weekes, Attended Tonal Taster Workshop November 2018.