Take Your Styling Services Online Today, Without Reinventing the Wheel

Hi, I'm Aileen!

The author of the Unstoppable Style Program. 

I am a colour and image consultant and have worked one on one with hundreds of woman since 2004 showing them how to dress their body shape to look fabulous. My style consultations were incredibly successful because I used a style guide that was customised in great detail for every client.

When I took my business online in 2019, I continued to use this guide to send my clients away delighted and they recommend me over and over.

You can now do the same for your clients with my Unstoppable Style Program.

What you get?

  • Step by step instructions on how to take your styling consultations online;
  • Fully customization style guide that you can add your own branding to;
  • Training on how to use the style guide;
  • fully recorded style consultation from start to finish showing you exactly how a style consultation works;
  • Style Intake Questionnaire so you get all the details you need from your client to customize a style guide for them;
  • Style Personality Quiz so you can help them establish what their style personality is;
  • Lifetime access to all course materials on an online e learning platform;
  • Franchise free use of all material with your clients; there is no licencing fee and you can use style guide template over and over without fees;
  • Membership of a facebook support group where you can bring your questions and queries and you get daily access to me.

What people are saying...

I was lucky and fortunate to come across Aileen Lane and her Unstoppable Style Program.
Breeda O Connell
Personal Stylist
Image Consultant

Clover Lewis-Darke, Colour & Style Consultant

Ladies, as Nike says ‘Just do it’!

The style guide is crammed with lots of client-useful content! I can see how to personalise the content too; it is in a simple to use format which lends itself to be used as is or developed into something more sophisticated for your clients.

I signed up just yesterday and devoured the content in a few hours…

Those of us who are in any of Aileen Lane‘s support groups know that there is quality and kinship, and a ‘We are all in this together!’ Supportive attitude right from the get go…. and this is what makes this training so unique.

The bonus lesson on how to set up a online Zoom call is so useful ( even for personal use during these lockdown times)…so you can get going ASAP -just plug in clients , and you’re off!

I can see I will finally able to call myself an Online Style & Colour Consultant… achieving a goal I’ve been wanting for years!

And no, I’m not paid! I’ve just benefited from being enrolled in all of Aileen’s courses, so am an avid ‘insider’!

Disclaimer: this is definitely for someone who has some training or is adept in style as there is not Style training as such, so find a course or work from your experience.

Image Consultant

Claire Wright, Colour & Style Consultant

Hi Aileen, I just watched the live style consult, the style guide is very detailed and must have taken you a long time to put together, especially the illustrations of all the styles of clothes!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add my own branding to the style guide and forms?

Yes, the forms and style guide are fully customizable and are provided in Microsoft word format. You can add your own fonts, colours and branding as you see fit.

How much is my investment?

Your investment is €1099 for lifetime access to the program materials and the facebook support group. Installment plan available.

What support is included with the program?

The course comes with a support group so you will be supported every step of the way as you get you styling services online. Bring as many clients as you like and you will get the help you need to analyse their body shape and get the best advise for them.

Are You Ready?

Are you ready to take your styling services online today without reinventing the wheel? You do not need to create your oan style guide from scratch. Its been done already!

It’s totally normal to work exclusively online now as a personal stylist.Working online allows you a life of total freedom and allows you to work right into your 70’s and 80’s. Are you ready to get the support you need to get you up and running asap so you don’t miss out on the great opportunities out there right now.